Premium aroma spray for face masks

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An aroma spray that envelops your mask in a high-quality aroma just by spraying it on your mask starts at 1,700 yen.

Product Contents

Atomizer bottle


Usage Precautions
  1. Avoid using if you are sensitive to alcohol, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  2. Do not spray while wearing a mask.
  3. Do not spray directly on bare skin.
  4. If you are concerned about stains on your mask, test it in an inconspicuous place before use.
  5. Do not use if you have skin abnormalities.
  6. If you feel unwell while using it, stop using it immediately.
  7. Be careful not to get it in your eyes. If it gets in your eyes, do not rub, wash it off thoroughly with water or lukewarm water, and consult a doctor.
  8. Not for consumption.
  9. Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
  10. Do not use near open flames.
  11. Ventilate well when using.
  12. Avoid inhalation.
  13. If it adheres to building materials or furniture, wipe it off immediately.
  14. When carrying, be mindful of securing the cap.
Storage Precautions
  1. When not in use, make sure to cap it and store it away from direct sunlight and high temperatures/humidity.
  2. Store it out of reach of children.
  3. Do not transfer it to other containers.
  4. Do not store near open flames.

Natural essential oils, naturally fermented ethanol (plant-based)


8ml (approximately 300 pumps are possible)